Pay Much Closer Attention


With a pen in hand, I was sitting at the table making a “to do” list for the day.

Suddenly, I became aware of the sound of an engine outside.

Living fairly close to an airport, I thought it was simply a propeller plane.

Continuing to write things on my list, the sound became loud and persistent.

I actually thought about how the engine sound was lasting too long.

After a few seconds more, I decided to go outside and see what was flying by.

Looking up, I saw the Goodyear blimp!

Hurrying back into the house, I grabbed my camera and returned to my patio in time to snap some photos before the famed airship was out of sight.

I almost missed it.

For more than two minutes, at least, it’s engine had rumbled above me.

It wasn’t that I couldn’t hear it.

It’s just that I thought it was something else.

Something common.

Something I heard everyday.

Something I really didn’t need to pay any special attention to.

I’m really glad that I finally took heed to that deep, resonant droning in the sky.

Because I did, I was able to witness something special.

If I had remained at my table, consumed with planning my day, I would have missed the opportunity and never have even known that I missed it.



Do you think this ever happens when God is wanting our attention?

Busy, with our minds on important things, we are somewhat aware of God’s prompting.

We may decide not to really listen, because we don’t recognize that it is God—

or after His persistence, we may stop what we are doing and focus on His voice.

If we fail to listen at all, we may miss opportunities…..

and never ever know that we’ve missed them.



Therefore we must pay much closer attention to what we have heard, lest we drift away from it.

–Hebrews 2:1




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My Command is This


“We’ll need to dilate your eyes today,” the doctor said.

I had gone to the optometrist last week for my yearly exam.

Not really thinking too much about it, I had forgotten to get someone to take me there and back.

Pupil dilation is always part of the routine, and since that procedure blurs vision, the patient cannot drive.

So, I was to have that done today during my second appointment.

As it turned out, my husband was out of town this morning and our son had to work.


Who could take me?

Normally, I am my own chauffeur, so I was at a loss about who to ask.

Most of my friends work during the day.

I decided to ask members of a weekly Bible study group that I attend if anyone could help.

A dear, sweet lady volunteered that I didn’t know very well yet.

Some years older than me— and a grandmother— she was delightful to be around.

She told me stories of how she had met her husband.

We talked about the pets their family had cared for through the years—even a baby oppossum.

Though the appointment took a little longer than I had anticipated, she never once made me feel like I was inconveniencing her.

As we walked outside, I had to wear funky disposable sunglasses to shield my wide open pupils from the light.

My vision was blurred and my surroundings seemed odd…

She was happy to help.

Happy to help, even though her daily routine included caring for her husband since he had suffered a stroke.

Happy to help, even though later today she would be going to work for a 12 hour shift as a nurse.

In the short time I was with her, she was such a Christ-like example to me.

Caring for others.

Eager to help.

Displaying a pleasant attitude.


In my need, God allowed me to watch His love in the actions of another.


My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.

—John 15:12


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my command