Be Patient



While shopping in a nearby city yesterday with my husband, I stopped to take a photo of a bird that was standing on a boat in a nearby lake.

The shopping area was busy, with waterfront stores and restaurants, an outdoor music concert and crowds of people.

As I got my camera to take the picture, I placed my keys on a wooden post.

Forgetting that I had done so, I walked away.

An hour or two later, merchandise in hand, we decided to leave.

It was then that I realized my keys were missing.

Where had we been?

My husband wanted to stop and pray about it before we began backtracking.

After we prayed, asking God to help us find the keys, we retraced our steps.

Were they in this store?


Where had we been?

I remembered!

On the board walk by the lake and one other building!

We couldn’t find them on any of the wooden posts in the area that we thought we had been.

The board walk was quite long.

We went to the other building we had gone in.

They weren’t there, either.

As we walked back by the waterfront another time, I was focused on trying to find a lost and found area.

After telling my husband my intention of finding a lost and found area, he veered away from me toward a group of people in a pavilion.

I was impatient.

Although I didn’t say anything, I really wasn’t wanting him to talk to those people.

After all, we needed to hurry to find my keys.

Time was important.

He walked up to a man and the conversation started with me being some distance away.

My husband came to me and said the man directed him to my keys which were nearby.

I had left them on a wooden post, but in a place farther down on the board walk than we had been looking.

Just like that, God had guided us to my keys.

We had prayed about it and God had urged my husband to speak to a random person at a pavilion.

My impatient heart was set on locating a lost and found center instead of considering that God might bring help through someone my husband could talk to.

This was a big lesson for me.



Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.

—-Ephesians 4:2




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One comment on “Be Patient

  1. I always need a camera or phone camera with me wherever I go too! I think people think I am mad =)

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