Things aren’t always what they seem to be….

It was time to finally part with the old doghouse.

My husband had built it years ago for our beloved hound.

As we were moving the house from the back yard to the road, my husband alerted me to a brightly colored butterfly that had just come to rest on his equally bright shirt.

In fact, the butterfly and the shirt were pretty much the same color.

I ran into the house to get my camera, hoping that the neon butterfly would be there when I returned.

To my delight, he was still perched on the woven fabric, brilliantly glowing in the sunshine.


He was also tickling the back of my husband’s neck–trying to find nectar somewhere in the giant green flower he had just found.

The problem was, there was no flower.

No blossom.

No nectar.

And, sadly for him, there never would be.


He had mistaken a green piece of cloth for sustenance.

Determined to get to just the right spot, the butterfly remained on my husband’s shirt for several minutes, trying out one spot and then another.

Surely there was food somewhere!


It can be easy to jump to conclusions.

Easy to think one way, when truth would have us think another.

Things can look and feel like the right thing when they are not.

Stubbornly, we may keep trying to get nectar from a cloth.


Asking God to help us understand our circumstances and move on from incorrect choices is always a good idea.



Don’t jump to conclusions—there may be
    a perfectly good explanation for what you just saw.

—Proverbs 25:8  The Message




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