Dwell in Safety



You know, you just can’t always be sure of what you are up against.

That being said, you can always be sure that God knows.

Like a couple of nights ago.

I had heard a news story on the radio about wildlife coming into residential areas in a nearby county.

They were suggesting that all pets be brought inside at night.

We have a cat that we love dearly.

He enjoys being outside.

On this night, however, I just felt that he should come in and sleep in the garage.

Later, my husband decided to go outside to take a raincoat to my car.

When he opened our front door, a large bear was standing right there in front of him!

Being mutually surprised, they both began to make vocal sounds—my husband calling to me and the bear making woofing noises.

The bear then decided to climb a tree in our front yard.

Flash photography in the middle of the night of a bear in a tree probably isn’t going to be award winning, but I couldn’t help but try to capture the moments.

I certainly wasn’t going to be capturing our bear visitor!

After a while, he seemed to be more agitated as he sat in the tree.

My husband decided it was time to go in.

The photos turned out looking like a tree with two Christmas lights hanging among the branches.

The lights were actually the bear’s eyes reflecting the flash.

I personally feel that God wanted me to bring our cat in that night, and prompted me to do so.

The bear did not have any opportunity to choose to eat him.

God protects us from situations that we sometimes are totally unaware of.

The other night, I think He allowed us to see that He was protecting our pet.



“I will both lie down in peace, and sleep; For You alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.”

–Psalm 4:8



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dwell final correct


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