The Prudent See Danger


As soon as we stepped out of our front door this afternoon, my husband quickly noticed an unusual looking bird across the street.

We live in an area that is set apart for residential buildings, but our home is located on the outermost edge near thick woods.

Living here for 15 years, we had not seen anything quite like this bird around our property before.

Since it was across the street, we were not up close.

I got my camera out as fast as I could and started snapping pictures as it walked almost in a panic between two houses.

The poor thing really did seem to be very frightened and alarmed, bouncing almost as it walked.

It is common to see sand cranes in our area, which are very tall, long legged birds.

At first, I thought that was what we were looking at, yet I had NEVER seen a sand crane look so lost and desperate, almost running from one place to another in fear.

The bird finally ran into the woods as I made the trek across the road and into a neighbor’s yard to get a better look.

Checking my photographs to see just what the bird’s features were, my husband identified it as a wild female turkey.

How odd to see such a bird wandering among rows of houses!

Since the turkey would normally stay in the woods in an entirely natural habitat, no wonder she was extremely agitated and focused on getting back into familiar territory.

The houses, cars, and maybe even a barking dog or two may have been enough to cause her great concern.

She made the right choice and fled to safety.

Proverbs 27:12 reads,

The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty.


I don’t know how this female turkey came to be among houses and cars, but I witnessed her reaction and her choice to take refuge.

It was a wise choice.

When we make a mistake, or perhaps just fail to take certain precautions and find ourselves in danger, we have a choice.

Recognize the danger and begin looking for safety or disregard the danger and get hurt in the process.

Making choices about where we go and what we do are our responsibility.

Will we heed God’s direction?

If we wake up one morning and realize that our previous choices have landed us in an undesirable place, we can change course right then, asking God to take control at that moment, to guide us back to where HE wants us to be.

I have felt like our turkey visitor before and I may very well feel like her again.



Faced with unfamiliar surroundings.

When that happens, I must remember to take refuge…..

in God.


Click to enlarge image.

prudent see

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