Planted on Good Ground



The setting was edge of the Sea of Galilee.

Jesus was telling a story to the people who had gathered there–a crowd so large, He got into a boat to speak to them as they stood on the shore.

He told the story of a farmer.

A farmer who planted seed.

He told of what happened to the seeds after they were sown.

Later, He explained the story He had told to His disciples:

“Listen to what the story about the farmer means.  Someone hears the word about the kingdom but doesn’t understand it. The evil one comes at once and snatches away what was planted in him. This is what the seed planted along the road illustrates. The seed planted on rocky ground is the person who hears the word and accepts it at once with joy.  Since he doesn’t have any root, he lasts only a little while. When suffering or persecution comes along because of the word, he immediately falls from faith The seed planted among thornbushes is another person who hears the word. But the worries of life and the deceitful pleasures of riches choke the word so that it can’t produce anything. But the seed planted on good ground is the person who hears and understands the word. This type produces crops. They produce one hundred, sixty, or thirty times as much as was planted.”

—Matthew 13:18-23


What type of seed am I?

Am I producing crops?

Am I listening to hear and understand God’s word to me?



Click to enlarge image.

planted final

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