Encourage One Another



I recently started an account with a website for photographers.

One of the characteristics of this site is that other photographers may view your photos, give feedback on your work through online comments and also click a “like” button or “favorite” button for shots they particularly enjoy.

In thinking about this, I must say that when I see that a certain number of people have spent their time looking at my photographs and perhaps even clicking the “like” button, it is encouraging.

I have yet to see any “do not like” buttons or degrading comments.

If someone doesn’t like a certain picture, well, they don’t have to say anything or click anything—just move on.

As Christians, we shouldn’t be about trying to let everyone know when we do something nice or good for another person.

The Bible talks about that.

If we do a good deed, we shouldn’t publicize it ourselves.

“Hey, look at me! I just gave this donation…….helped someone with a broken down car…….volunteered at a homeless shelter…..”


That’s not the right thing.

Since we all still need encouragement though, I think something needs to take place.

When we see someone quietly going about life helping other people, what would be wrong in acknowledging that?

“The donation you gave to the children’s fund is going to make such a difference. I can’t thank you enough.”

“Wasn’t that you down the road the other day in the rain, helping that young couple with a flat tire? I should try to help people more often.”

“My daughter told me she saw you at the homeless shelter yesterday. She said you were feeding a man who had once suffered a stroke and had trouble holding a fork. You must really mean so much to those people down there!”

What if someone said these exact sentences to you?

It would almost be a few clicks of a “like” button for life.

Think of how you would feel if a few friends even decided your actions and attitudes were some of their “favorites”?

With every invisible click of the “like” button, you would probably feel encouraged and compelled to keep going.

Think about it for a moment…….is there a “like” button you could click to encourage someone today?



Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

—1 Thessalonians 5:11






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