A God of Miracles




Sitting on a canvas chair, I had just settled down not far from the ocean’s edge.

The sun was bright as people scurried around me, enjoying the water and playing in the sand.

My lap contained two cameras and a beach towel.

Suddenly, I felt a few drops of water.

Looking up, I saw crystal drops of water plunging from above me, blazing with white light.

The drops seemed to be coming from a clear, blue sky.

A little confused, I began to search for a cloud as the water fell onto my eyes.

Just a bit away, I spotted the white, cottony puff responsible for the sudden shower.

The wind was blowing the drops from underneath it over to the unsuspecting beach inhabitants.

Deciding to stay put, I placed the large beach towel around my head like a shawl, protecting myself and the cameras as best as I could.

With the towel partially closed around my face, my thoughts were drawn to prayer.

My heart was focused on two people I had been talking to God a lot about lately.

With certain situations in place with a great many concerns, both of these individuals weighed heavy on my heart.

Finally, my prayer ended with something like, “God, I need a miracle.”

The rain had ended.

As my face emerged from my personal striped terrycloth shelter, my eyes looked out to the ocean before me.

There, a radiant rainbow dazzled in the sky, arcing from the water to a distant cloud.

A miracle?

Yes, indeed.

Some might argue that God was not speaking to me through the pastel hues of His bow, but I know in my heart that He was.

He knew what my requests were for those that I was concerned about.

He knew that when I asked for a miracle that the first thing I would see was the rainbow.

That miracle was for me.

So, what will their miracle be and when will I see His work in the lives of those I was praying for?

The answers to those questions can only be given by God.

With a thankful heart, I am waiting in hopeful expectation to witness His miraculous power.


You are the God of miracles and wonders! You still demonstrate your awesome power.

–Psalm 77:14





3 comments on “A God of Miracles

  1. Cathy Clark says:

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Brenda says:

    I am also believing in God for a miracle and I know that it will manifest

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