I cried today.


It wasn’t because I was sad.

I cried because my heart was full of the knowlege of God and His goodness.

I was reading a autobiography of a Christian man.

Throughout the years since he had asked Jesus to be the Lord of his life, he had been concerned for the salvation of his family.

Since I am a mother, there is a certain connection in my mind when reading about the relationship he had with his own.

Being a very committed non-Christian, she didn’t want to have anything to do with her son’s faith.

As this was related in the story, there came a point that her heart changed.

She became open to learning about what being a Christian was all about.

With this change, she even began to read a Bible every night that had been given to her by her son.

Such a dramatic change warranted my tears and my praise!

Doors that seem to be locked shut can open with God’s power.

Hearts that seem to be locked shut can be opened, too.

Nothing is impossible with God.

This has been a great reminder to me.

I do not need to give up on anyone.

Looking past the present, I can hope and pray for a different future in the life of another.

In the Book of Luke, Jesus is speaking about eternal life and who could be saved.

After being asked a question, he replied,

“What is impossible with man is possible with God.”

(from chapter 18, verse 27)


What possibilities are you hoping for today?







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