But Then He Calls




How quickly can God answer your prayer?

I am fascinated by weather.

Watching meteorological events is of great interest to me.

Reading the predictions of the various computer models, looking at photos of storm systems—it’s all quite captivating.

There’s just one thing, though.

Humans just cannot control the weather.

We study it, predict it and hope our findings will be of good use.

But control it?

Not a chance.

God is the only One who can control the weather.

The writer of Psalm 147 had this to say:

 He sends his orders to the world. How swiftly his word flies.  He sends the snow in all its lovely whiteness, scatters the frost upon the ground,  and hurls the hail upon the earth. Who can stand before his freezing cold?  But then he calls for warmer weather, and the spring winds blow and all the river ice is broken.

—Psalm 147:15-18


How swiftly God’s word flies…….to command the weather and to answer our prayers in His timing.

He who sends the snow and rain hears us when we pray.



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