The Life of Every Creature





His eyes were so expressive.

What could he have been thinking as he sat alone on the rock?

The mandrill, with an almost kind earnestness, seemed calm as I photographed him.

He sees.

I see.

He can smell.

I can, too.

When his stomach is empty, he becomes hungry.

When mine is empty, so do I.

It pleased God to make him just the way he is, with all his unique characteristics, as well as all the ones so similar to man.

Job 12:10 reads,

"In His hand is the life of every creature
    and the breath of all mankind."

The lives of all Earth’s creatures are important to God, I believe.

God selected the mandrill’s green eyes to compliment the pink and blue of his face with the golden black of his fur.

I think the animals are aware of God’s presence.

What do you think?







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