Not As Unwise



There’s a song that I remember from long ago.

I didn’t remember all the verses to it, so I looked them up today.

The verse that I was particularly interested in was this one:


O be careful little feet where you go
O be careful little feet where you go
For the Father up above
He’s looking down in love
So, be careful little feet where you go.


If we are not careful, our feet can certainly take us to some unsavory places.

Places that we don’t need to be.

Places that taunt us with compromise, both in subtle and blatant ways.

Of course, our feet only take us where our minds have willed them to go.

The decision and the destination are equal partners.

The line, "for the Father up above, He’s looking down with love" is an interesting one to me, being coupled with caution about our steps.

Could it be that it was intended to remind us that, having come to know the forgiveness and love of God, we should seek to go only to those places which He would think best for us?

Since He looks at us with love, would we want to disappoint Him by our actions and disobedience?

Our lives are precious to God.

Should we not treat ourselves as though we are worth guarding?





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