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Yesterday was our son’s birthday.

He would have been 27 years old.

He was killed in a car accident at the age of 19.

God knew that I would need encouragement yesterday.

Driving alone to church, I began to think about our son.

I remembered how God had given me absolute confirmation that he was in Heaven.

I entered the sanctuary and sat down by a friend.

There were singers on the platform in the front of the room.

They sang, "How Can I Keep From Singing?" by Chris Tomlin.

A few years ago, I would cry in church when this song was sung, as I thought of our son.

One of the last sections says, "I can sing with my last breath; sing, for I know, that I’ll sing with the angels and the saints around the throne."

I would think of his last breath, and how he was there now.

So special was this song to me that I purchased a shirt to wear with all of the lyrics printed on it.

When the pastor stood up to speak, he announced that he would be talking about Heaven, and that God is, He was, and He will be.


The God who IS has my son…..

When I first started going to this particular church, I had an experience driving to a conference there.

Really feeling that God was speaking to me through a song I was listening to in my car, it has remained a clear memory of His presence.

That song was "Everlasting God," also by Chris Tomlin.

The singers on the platform sang this song, as well.

Without me saying anything about it, the friend sitting beside me mentioned my son’s birthday.

As I went to a small group Bible study after the service, I was teary eyed, aware of God’s presence in encouraging me through the speaker’s topic and the music.

Sitting in the group, I made no mention of my son at all.

We were discussing worship services at differing churches as part of our lesson.

One woman mentioned that at a previous church she had attended, only children’s worship songs were sung on a particular Sunday.

She went on to describe how the congregation did hand motions with the songs as the children would.

As as example to us, she spoke of only one song–Deep and Wide.

I know the song and the hand motions all too well.

"Deep and wide, deep and wide, there’s a fountain flowing deep and wide."

You see, when our son was about 3 years old, we had a birthday party at our home.

We borrowed a video camera and we filmed him singing one of his very favorite songs, complete with his version of words and hand and body movement.

It went like this:  Deep a wide, deep a wide.  A fow.  Wa wa wide!


A sermon about Heaven and the forever existence of God.

My special song reminding me that my son is singing with the saints around the throne.

Another song reminding me of hearing God’s voice years ago.

And then, to be reminded of my dear, sweet boy as a toddler, singing of the fountain of love flowing from God—the fountain that would one day be faithful to save him for all eternity.

God IS.

God is with me, every day, through every heartache and every joy.

God WAS.

God was with me, and my son, from the very beginning of our creation, throughout all our past.

He was with my son when he took his last earthly breath.


God will be, forever and ever, without end.

Praise His Holy Name!





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