Keep His Way





It’s not exactly a bad thing, really, if you think of it as being responsible for oneself.

Pressed further, however, it takes on a different meaning.

Our very existence is dependent on God.

If we embrace the attitude that we can take care of ourselves without any assistance from Him, we are in a barren place, fooled into believing that our strength and fortitude will suffice.

There are times when running ahead of God and choosing our own direction without consulting Him is a very real temptation.

Trusting His timing instead of ours comes face to face with our own impatience.

Why walk when we could take the train and be there ten times faster?

Logical thinking may not be in harmony with the plans of God.

It may be that lessons learned on the walk would’ve been missed on the railway.

Those same lessons could be vital sources of wisdom once the destination is reached.

Psalm 37:34a says,

"Wait for the Lord
    and keep his way."


One hundred percent of the time, God’s way is best.

Why not ask Him before we start the journey?



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