The Far Side



Walking along by the hotel, I was suddenly aware of a seaplane on the lake nearby.

The sun was so bright just before its setting, reflecting off the water in a blinding blaze of gold.

As I photographed the plane, I thought at first that it was taking off from lake.

Watching more closely, I realized that it was, in fact, landing.

Capturing the scene as it was gliding in, I could see the spray of water splashing up and glowing in the light.

Where had the plane been?

Where would it be going?

Psalm 139:9-10 says,

"If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there Your hand will guide me, Your right hand will hold me fast."

Settle on the far side of the sea…..

That plane was setting on the "sea" before me.

Wherever I am, God is there with me.

If the circumstances in my life could be likened to landing a seaplane in the water, He would still be there.

Are you trusting Him, wherever you are today?




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