But I Trust




It was life lesson time—for me.

Opening the refrigerator, I found that one of our sons had eaten about half of a slice of pizza and simply placed the remaining part inside.


Feeling really sure that the partial slice of pizza was very hard and dried out by this time, I decided that I would remove it from the refrigerator and give it to our dog.

Our sweet bassett hound normally eats dog at each meal.

This would be a treat.

Reaching down to give it to her, she took it into her mouth and trotted happily away.

Suddenly, I had a thought—could there be an unusual topping on the pizza that might be harmful to dogs?

I hurried to catch up with her before she had a chance to eat her delightful delicacy.

Speaking to her kindly, I reached down, once again.

This time, I placed my hand on the pizza protruding from her clenched jaws.

As I spoke, she realized that I wanted the pizza back.

Her special treat.

REAL pizza, not some pizza flavored dog food.

So what did she do?

Growl at me?

Bite me?

Run away?


She immediately let go of her prized possession once she understood that I was taking it back.

Looking quickly at the slice, I saw that it only had cheese and a small amount of meat.

Nothing there to hurt a dog.

Convinced of its safety, I placed it back in front of her mouth with my hand.

She took it once again and this time, she ate it.

My faithful dog trusted me.

She trusted me even when I was taking back what I had given her.

She didn’t even complain.

Somehow, she believed that I had her best interest at heart.

Do we obey God, even when we don’t understand?

Do we complain when we are disappointed?

Do we trust that He has our best interest in mind, even when we are confused at what’s going on?


But I trust in your faithful love, Lord. –Psalm 13:5a




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