He Cannot Understand


I have taken photographs and placed scripture with them that seemed to fit perfectly at first glance.

A verse about the beauty of God’s creation with the image of a rose, let’s say.

The photo below is not like that.

In fact, at first glance–and even second–you may have thought that I had made a mistake.

A photo of groceries and a verse about understanding spiritual things?

What’s the connection?

I recently heard something about a certain percentage of scientists who do not believe in God.

Although I can’t quite remember where I heard the statements, what stayed with me doesn’t really apply to numbers.

I am not considering the general population of scientists, in part or whole.

I am considering only one.

Just one?

Which one?

Any one of them who does not believe in God.

I am inclined to think that by being a scientist, this person studies diligently.

They look to every possibility to find an answer within their specific area of expertise while on their quest for discovery.

Tests, observations, hypotheses—all these are basic to the scientist and his way of thinking.

Their thorough research brings about a great deal of knowlege.

As they study with all diligence, what they find is categorized apart from the inclusion of God.

Although I am not a scientist, I am fascinated by the world around me.

The tiniest of hairs on a dragonfly’s leg or the pink flash of a bolt of lightning create an excitement and interest that is difficult to explain.

There is, perhaps, a greater difference between the scientist and me, other than his advanced intelligence and hard earned degrees from notable universities.

I believe in God.

Imagine someone going to a grocery store day after day, looking at food products.

They study the food.

They take notes on the food and how it is packaged.

They photograph the food, rearrange the food on the shelves and consider where the food originated.

The only problem is, they do not understand that what they are studying IS food.

They completely miss the fact that the items they are constantly considering are to be ingested.

What if, tragically, this person was actually starving?

What a great calamity to finally die of malnutrition, being surrounded by so much food!

A silly story?


But think about it—

This same scientist may spend the greater part of his life studying things created by God in an effort to help mankind in some way.

They study what He has made.

They take notes on what He has made and how it is put together.

They take photographs of what He has made, rearrange it and considering its origin.

With all diligence and fortitude, they become experts at what He has made, never really understanding what is before them—the handiwork of God.

They completely miss the evidence as it points to Him.

Tragically, this scientist is starving spiritually.

What a calamity to finally die one day, becoming eternally separated from God, after having spent the bulk of their lives researching so great a testimony!

I can only hope that one day their hearts would become open to hearing and believing that which is beyond scientific speculation.

That one scientist?

I want to see him in Heaven.

Don’t you?


The man without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned.

–I Corinthians 2:14







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