Sitting at my computer, I had gotten up over and over at the insistence of our basset hound.

I gave her water.

I gave her food.

Did she want to go out through the back door?

Nothing seemed to satisfy her.


I got the leash and started out the front door.

Personal attention and a change of scenery.


That’s what she wanted.

When we got outside, I realized that the sky was flashing with lightning in the distance.

It was so completely compelling.

How could I not just look at it and nothing else?

I decided to get in the car after we finished our walk in search of open sky.

Traveling just a short distance to a nearby highway, I parked as though I were settling down at a drive-in theatre.

Flashes of gray, white and pink filled the massive clouds before me with only a second or two between the bursts of incredible energy.

Do you see God in the lightning?

Do you hear Him in the thunder?

He unleashes his lightning beneath the whole heaven
    and sends it to the ends of the earth.–Job 37:3




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