Into Temptation and a Trap




Walking past the aquarium on display, the deception was obvious.

But then, again, I’m not a fish.

What’s obvious to me is surely not so obvious to the small residents of the tank.

A large turtle poised in a statue-like state waiting with his mouth open, ready to chomp on an unsuspecting fish.

But why would a fish swim over to the turtle’s mouth?

The turtle had a worm like appendage on it’s tongue that was pink.

The "worm" wiggled back and forth, hopefully luring and tempting any fish who would dare to come close into sudden and sure death.

The turtle remained so still, a fish could almost miss the fact that it was a real creature.

Of course, that’s exactly what he was hoping for.

Isn’t this just like temptation to sin?

The Enemy wants us not to notice what is really before us.

He would like us to become very interested in the lures he places in our path.

We decide to come a little closer.

And a little closer.

When we are hovering above destruction, we may realize our mistake, but it may be too late.

The consequences of our choices may already be in place.

God will forgive us when we cry out to Him in repentance, but yielding to temptation may already have cost us a great price—emotionally, physically, relationally and spiritually.

God’s word speaks of temptation.

It warns us of the "turtles" that lie in wait, ever so patiently for our demise.

The lures within their mouths come in many forms—-

the temptation to get rich at the expence of all else,

the temptation to become immoral,

the temptation to be dishonest,

the temptation to harm ourselves through various means,

the temptation to turn away from God……

the list goes on.

I didn’t actually see the turtle catch any of the fish in the tank that day.

Perhaps they had witnessed the destruction of one of their kind by the powerful jaws.

Maybe they had become privy to the wiles of the turtle.

As children of God, we must be on the lookout for the lures of temptation.

Sometimes evil is so still, we can forget the fact that it is really real.




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