Complete the Work




Probably no one ever notices.

After all, who actually pays attention to a small bird in the grass?

One bird among hundreds that might fly by or stop and walk around.

Of course, it’s a very big deal to that one bird, even if it is meaningless to anyone else.

You see, the bird is handicapped.

He has only one leg.

I have no idea why.

He could have been in an accident.

Perhaps he was attacked by an animal and survived.

Mabye he emerged from his egg that way.

What is intriguing to me is, he’s still going on with life.

Balancing with one foot, I photographed him as he was looking in the blades of grass, probably for food.

Obviously, he hadn’t given up on life, even though living life meant living it with a certain degree of loss.

I would say that it’s impossible to go through life without experiencing loss.

Loss of jobs.

Loss of relationships.

Loss of dreams.

Loss of people you love–




A spouse.

A child.

A family pet.

When we find ourselves faced with loss, the pain can be overwhelming.

The future we envisioned suddenly morphs into an unexpected shape and everything changes.

Everything, that is, except God and His presence with you.

Even if no one else ever notices your loss and your pain, it is full screen for you.

Waking up to it’s reality every day, it is you that must go out, "hopping on one foot" emotionally, while it seems that you are only one bird in a giant flock.

The size of the population has never been a difficulty for God.

He knows your pain, your loss and your struggle.

He also knows the plan He has for you.

He knows the work He has given you to do.

He doesn’t want us to  give up on life, even though living life means living it with a certain degree of loss.

It also means continuing to live it with God….

no matter what the circumstance.




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