Peace, Real Peace




People drink until they can’t even tell you their name.

People cut themselves to mask a greater pain that torments them.

People take drugs to escape reality.

People ignore God, afraid of losing control.

People look for life in the wrong places.

People want to be accepted and loved.

People hurt from the losses of childhood.

People have a longing that can only be filled with God.

People are confused and searching for truth.

People want to be healed.

People want peace, real peace.

There is only one answer.

People must look to God.

I will give peace, real peace, to those far and near,
       and I will heal them," says the Lord. —Isaiah 57:19





0 comments on “Peace, Real Peace

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    I do not know what it will bring. I do know that God will be with me, whatever may come. He is my helper. He is my strength.

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