May Our Barns Be Filled



I had never driven on that particular stretch of road before.

Every home, every farm, was new to me.

A barn constructed of weathered wood caught my eye.

I don’t remember any other buildings near it.

Just the barn.




Psalm 144:13 reads,

"May our barns be filled
      with crops of every kind.
   May the sheep in our fields
      bear young by the tens of thousands."

A verse of hope for proseperity.

I do not own a farm, raise crops or tend livestock.

I would like to have a barn, though.

A spiritual barn.

A barn filled with people of every kind.











This barn would contain those that I had in some way influenced toward receiving Jesus as their Savior.

There is nothing that I need to store up here on Earth.

I can take nothing with me when I go to be with the Lord.

In eternity, though, I will rejoice forever over every person I knew here who is with me there in Heaven.

What if I really did have a spiritual barn?

Would it be full?

Would it be empty?


Lord, please help me to speak, to act, and to love in such a way that points others to a relationship with You.




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