I Lie Awake




Recently, a friend told me that she was having trouble sleeping at night.

I have certainly been there.

The clock moves on from one hour to the next and I remain still and quiet thinking a thousand thoughts.

There are times like these, however, that I pray.

Also, there are times that I wake up in the middle of the night and feel compelled to pray.

At night, when all are sleeping, lonliness can settle in.

If it does, remembering that God is right there with you, can bring much needed peace.

The Good News Translation of Psalm 102 is titled, "The Prayer of a Troubled Youth."

The writer is desperate for God as he cries out to Him.

He describes his condition in many ways.

He speaks of lying awake and feeling lonely.

Even so, he is believing that God is there.

When we find ourselves awake at night—fearful, lonely, or anxious—we can pray.

God hears us when we call.





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