Fence Rail




They’re everywhere, aren’t they?

I’m not talking about scary big people that live at the top of a fairy tale beanstalk or even the happy kind that sell vegetables.

I’m talking about the giants that you and I face repeatedly in our lives.

The invisable giants that rise up in many shapes and sizes.

The incredible hospital bill.

Domestic violence.



Broken relationships.

They are bigger than life because–with their unseen nature– we attach fear and anxiety to their weapons, adding to their armament and allowing them to control us.

The most well known giant story would arguably be the account of David and Goliath in the book of I Samuel in the Old Testament.

A giant nearly ten feet tall stepped out from the Philistine line into the open, Goliath from Gath. He had a bronze helmet on his head and was dressed in armor—126 pounds of it! He wore bronze shin guards and carried a bronze sword. His spear was like a fence rail—the spear tip alone weighed over fifteen pounds.  –from I Samuel 17:4-7 The Message

Of course, the story ends with David’s complete trust in the power of God and the death of Goliath from the stone thrown from David’s sling.

Fierce, foreboding and terrible as he was, he was no match for God.

When we come face to face with the giants that approach us, we must pray about them intentionally.

God is able to:

–pay the hospital bill

–change hearts and stop the violence

–provide a job

–heal an illness

–restore broken relationships


Even if the "spear" of the situation is bigger than a fence rail—God is still in control.


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