No Oxen



I am invited to a friend’s home this weekend for a small party.

When I was invited by the hostess, she asked if it was necessary to clean her house before I came…

I assured her that cleaning was not needed.

Her fellowship, coupled with that of her other guests will be the most important aspect of the evening.

My friend and her husband have full time jobs and are raising two teenage boys, as well.

A clean house? That would be a challenge for anyone!

In my own home I realize that if I were its only inhabitant, it would be a cleaner, neater place.

Only one plate to wash at dinner.

One towel in the bathroom.

God has blessed me with a family. With that family has come an immense amount of laundry through the years, along with dirty dishes, soiled floors and grimy doorknobs.

All of this has been accompanied by laughter, hugs, bedtime prayers, family meals and a knitting together of hearts in a way quite impossible to express in mere words.

Do I really want a clean house?


Where there are no oxen, the manger is empty, but from the strength of an ox come abundant harvests. –Proverbs 14:4



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