Walks With the Wise




I’ve actually known about this for a long time.

Certain plants, when placed in colored water, will begin to take on the same color.

Many years ago, I learned that a beautiful plant called Queen Anne’s Lace would absorb colored water and in doing so, turn it’s delicate white blooms to a new tint.

Today at work, I noticed something a little bit different than Queen Anne’s Lace—and it was adorning a countertop, happily reflecting its new found source of moisture: a container of blue water.

It was very striking, really. Having originally been only shades of green, the leaves were now quite distinctively, well… a teal blue.

What happens to us when we place ourselves into a position where we are absorbing life altering and worldly ideas in place of God-given sustenance that is freely provided to us?

If God intended us to live drawing clean, clear water into our roots, producing bright green leaves, what are we doing displaying blue leaves?

The problem is, we would like to think that we can hide the fact that we are standing in the blue water of worldliness. We think that our leaves won’t give it away—but that’s impossible. God knows our colors, even when we can’t see them.

If we are standing in anger, choosing angry people for our best companions, anger will seep in.

If we are standing in dishonesty, choosing dishonest people for our best friends, dishonesty will seep in.

If we are standing in criticism, choosing critical people to spend our time with, a critical attitude with seep in.

If we choose, however, to stand among those who are daily setting their hearts on the things of God, then we, like them, will begin to show His likeness.

Take a quick look down—-what color is the water you’re standing in?

He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm. –Proverbs 13:20





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