Come Up Like An Offering




I am always pleasantly surprised by kindness.

It’s sort of like taking a walk in the woods on a drizzly rain kind of day when everything green comes alive in a wet and shimmery playground of nature, when suddenly, you come upon a low-lying bird’s nest filled with chirping innocence. Things had already been good, but finding the birds was a welcome surprise.

A few days ago, a friend and her son treated me with a healthy serving of kindness.

While running an errand, they decided to purchase a single rose in a pretty vase for me.

It wasn’t my birthday.

It wasn’t a particular holiday on the calendar.

It was just……kindness.

Pure and simple.

The type of kindness that makes you stand a little taller because you feel that someone noticed you and cared.

Does God notice when we do kind things for other people?

I think so.

In the book of Acts, chapter 10, we find an account of Cornelius, who was a Roman commander. He saw a vision and an angel spoke to him and said,

"Your prayers and gifts to poor people have come up like an offering to God. So he has remembered you." (from verse 4:b)

Although I really do not consider myself poor, I think this passage applies to the gift given to me.

When Christians show kindness to others, especially those in need, it is like an offering to God.

Think about it—is there something you can do today to show a special kindness to someone?

I think they will be pleasantly surprised….


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