As Long As I Live



The bush beside our home has been all the buzz with honey bees and butterflies lately.

The bees were very recognizable, but the butterfiles took quite a bit of inspection before I could even determine what they actually were.

It was not their size that kept me from focusing on them.

It was not a camouflaged color that was  concealing them.

It was their speed.

Flapping their spotted wings at a very quick clip, white circles were appearing among the leaves like the shaky frames of a silent movie.

Intrigued by the colors and shapes that flitted this way and that, I tried to catch one being still in order to photograph it.

This was an interesting challenge. Finally, I did get a few shots, capturing the wings in an open position for just an instant.

The butterflies in my bush were not consciously trying to elude me.

It’s just that they were consumed with thoughts of the task at hand—doing what they were meant to do, with no time to waste.

If my life was created to praise God and to live for Him, am I ignoring unimportant distractions?

Am I allowing myself to be consumed with thoughts of the task at hand—doing what God meant for me to do, with no time to waste?

Am I part of the "buzz" of God’s work in the world, or am I sitting off somewhere, alone with my pretty wings, accomplishing nothing?

Each day my actions should be praising God for all that He has done.


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