His Purpose




I attended a wedding this evening.

From what I could tell, everything was perfect.

Perfect weather.

Perfect ceremony.

Perfect cake.

There was something else, though, that was perfect.

In fact, it was the most important thing.

As the couple knelt in front of the pastor conducting the marriage, they had a personal time of communion–just the two of them partaking in the Lord’s supper.

The presence of God within the hearts of the two who were to be joined made the evening perfect.

When two are made one in Him, what could be a more perfect union?


Lord, you will do everything

you have planned for me.

Lord, your faithful love

continues forever.

You have done

so much for us.

Don’t stop now.

Psalm 138:8


0 comments on “His Purpose

  1. marygems says:

    He will fulfill His purpose in me- just the words I needed to read tonight- THANKYOU AND GOD BLESS YOU.
    Sometimes we need reminders like this when the naughty old mind begins a journey towards discouragement!
    Back on track after seeing these words of truth. What blessing.

  2. Myra Johnson says:

    Mary,I am so glad God sent these words to you! God loves us so much!

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