And Then the Sin Grows




Not long ago, I saw my elderly next door neighbor in her driveway.

She wasn’t just standing there, though—she appeared to be stomping the concrete with both feet, over and over, turning this way and that.

Never having seen her display this type of behavior before, I called out to her.

She was stomping lubber grasshopper nymphs!

Each year, the vibrantly colored black and orange creatures come to visit our lawns. Newly blooming spring flowers may not even last a day before becoming breakfast, lunch and dinner for the hungry little insects. They must have nourishment to grow, and do they ever! Fully grown, lubber grasshoppers can be up to three inches long.

My neighbor obviously did not want to deal with half-eaten plants, now or in the future— hence the stomping.

I actually think that the orange striped nymphs are beautiful looking creatures. At first, it may seem pointless to get rid of something so apparantly harmless.

Sin is like this, isn’t it?

Something will catch our attention.

It will seem interesting, perhaps, and relatively harmless and small.

No need to worry about a little thing like that.

Look—aren’t those colors bright?

There’s no reason to get rid of it.

Somehow, almost silently, it takes a bite.

It begins to consume that which was good.

It must have nourishment to grow, and grow it will, until it becomes several times its original size.

Even then, it must continue to ravage in order to insure its existance.

It started so small…..

When thinking about sin in our lives, my neighbor’s thoughts would well apply.

Upon the first sighting of it crossing into the territory of our minds, we must "stomp" sin when it is only in it’s beginning stage….. wherever we find it.





0 comments on “And Then the Sin Grows

  1. Jim Swindle says:

    Thanks. It’s a reminder that I needed yet again.

  2. Rolex Replica says:

    People are people. They will do the best they can with what they have to offer in any given situation.

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