Like a Palm Tree

"The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree…" (Psalm 92:12a)

The dictionary has some interesting definitions for righteous and flourish.

While righteous is deemed "to be free from guilt or sin,"  flourish is defined, "to grow luxuriantly."

Thinking of it that way, those who are free from guilt and sin will grow luxuriantly like a palm tree.

Where I live, palm trees are everywhere. We have several on our property. We lost a very nice one a year or so ago. Something went wrong, and the fronds began to gnarl up in unusual contortions. Finally, it died.

We are that way, aren’t we? When we accept God’s forgiveness, we are free from guilt. We are free to grow luxuriantly in the Lord. If we do not accept God’s forgiveness, however, our feeble efforts at living independently from Him leave us with gnarled and broken lives.

Have you been flourishing lately?









0 comments on “Like a Palm Tree

  1. luvmy4sons says:

    Love it! Great post! His forgiveness does make us flourish! Praise His name!

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  3. Relojes Especiales says:

    Following a robin into a neighbor’s yard, (and hoping they wouldn’t mind) I noticed some very tiny flowers blooming in the grass.

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