I Would Hurry





Last night, a friend sent me an article that spoke of forest fires and new growth. It explained that the seeds of evergreen trees are locked inside tightly closed pinecones. Even though they fall to the ground the seeds are only released when they are subjected to heat like that of a forest fire. The article went on to say that the forest actually needed the fire to reproduce and grow.  The idea was that we often want to avoid the "fires" of our lives at all costs, but perhaps it is God’s will that we experience these trials in order to grow in the way that He wants us to. (Forest Fires by Mary Odell)

With these thoughts fresh on the forefront of my mind, I heard a speaker this evening talk about how God allows us to go through certain storms in life, yet He is with us through those storms. I immediately began realizing the connection between last night’s article and the words he was speaking.

Looking back on the difficulties that have come our way in life, could it have been true that there were certain parts of our character that would not have been released unless we were exposed to the "fire"?

Would the tall trees of our faith have ever sprouted and grown had the seeds not have taken root in the soil after the fire?

When the storms or fires come upon us, we may try to run so as not to experience them.

Could it be that there is a greater purpose that is before us?

Do we really want to spend our lives as unopened pinecones?




0 comments on “I Would Hurry

  1. luvmy4sons says:

    And boy what a storm we had here yesterday! Over 16 inches!

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