What is the foundation of my life?

If someone were to ask me that, my quick response would be, "God."

How could it be anything else, since it is He who enables me to live?

Yet, am I allowing God to permeate my daily thoughts with His Word?

Is the foundation of my thinking built on the truths that can only be found there?

I once decided that I would write down all the scriptures that I could remember.

Many, many verses came to mind.

Am I applying the truths that I have memorized to the challenges that I face?

The answer would have to be some of the time.

I am convinced that if my answer were all of the time, my life would be richer.

Wouldn’t yours?

 Lord, please help me to remember your truth.

















0 comments on “Cornerstone

  1. luvmy4sons says:

    Oh to truly live abiding in Him every moment!

  2. Relojes Imitacion says:

    Repentance was the intertwining theme, the action of the heart required in finding forgiveness.

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