Nations Will Come

The water was peaceful.

The lighthouse seemed to be the focal point of the scene. Bright red and white, it commanded attention from the eye.

A seemingly less significant structure stood nearby–a wooden sign identifying the port, bearing various images of flags. Did it imply that the people groups represented by each flag design might come to the port by boat? Did it mean to suggest that they were welcome to do so?

We are all traveling the waters of life, wrought with crashing waves, piercing rocks and uncharted horizons. Are we all lost, drifting hopelessly wherever the wind might take us, or is there another way?

God is our lighthouse. Without Him, all is darkness. With Him, the night is illuminated and the destination becomes clear.

If there was a giant wooden sign proclaiming the flags of those who could approach God’s loving light, it would be filled with images from every nation known to earth. None would be excluded. 

Isaiah 60:3 reads,
"Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your dawn."

God stands waiting.

Who will come to the Lighthouse?







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