Do I Not Fill Heaven and Earth?

We were a little early for the gathering, so my son and I pulled into the empty parking lot to wait. Not one to just sit and do nothing, I decided to take my camera and walk around the non-paved areas to look for tiny, unassuming plant life. I was not on my quest very long when I discovered delicate, pink wildflowers blooming so very close to the soil. Their intricate patterns of form and color were subtle and subdued. Here was a lovely creation largely unnoticed, yet beautifully testifying to the handiwork of God.

It matters not where we go; God’s glory, holiness and mastery are displayed.




0 comments on “Do I Not Fill Heaven and Earth?

  1. luvmy4sons says:

    That is a GREAT verse!

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    Whatever might be said, I know my Redeemer lives. He is alive forever more. He holds the key to deliver those who believe.

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