His Understanding

Should we question God?

Certainly He listens when we do. "Why?" is probably the question most asked of Him, don’t you think?

"Why didn’t I get to …."  "Why did they…."  "Why couldn’t You have changed…"

A million questions could be formed from those beginnings. We don’t always have the answers to our ‘whys’. What should we do then?

As we look into the face of a newborn, smell the fragrance of wildflowers in the spring or feel our hearts beating steadily inside our chests, we are faced with a decision. We must acknowledge God as the sovereign Creator, who in His wisdom sustains all things, or we must choose not to believe. If we choose to admit His existence, we also choose to accept His great power. He knows what is best for us. We may select paths in our lives that grieve God; He may allow us to follow them while beckoning us back to a right relationship with Him.

If God is in control of the tiniest forms of matter, should we not trust Him with the answers to our questions, whether He chooses to reveal them to us…. or not?




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