Stand on the Heights

It doesn’t seem to bother them at all.

I have seen pictures of men working on skyscrapers, high in the air, sitting on a steel beam, eating lunch. For me, this is the source of nightmares…

I have never enjoyed being elevated, whether it be on a balcony, an amusement park ride or inside a tall building. Earth. Grass beneath my feet. That’s where I’m comfortable.

Am I missing something by staying securely on the ground? Probably so. Wisdom tells me there is no need to eat a sandwich on a 16 inch wide metal bar, 24 stories high. Adventure tells me the world would appear differently to me if I could view it from a distance, seeing more and gaining a greater understanding of what was personally unknown.

Recently, I photographed a tower. Zig-zag stair steps led to it’s peak. It’s very presence meant someone had been at the top, finishing its construction. The alternating steps suggested that it would be necessary for someone to return from time to time.

II Samuel 22:34b says, "He enables me to stand on the heights." Spiritually, it is God who gives me the strength to climb to the top of situations. It is He who enables me to stand above and see a different perspective. Many times, it is tempting to run to and fro on the ground, searching for understanding and answers, often to no avail. Elevating me to a greater height alters my focus and strengthens my faith.

He enables me to stand.




0 comments on “Stand on the Heights

  1. luvmy4sons says:

    It is such a grand experience when He does that! He sweeps in and enables me to stand on higher ground! Awesome picture!

  2. Louis vuitton outlet says:

    Your butt should be about a foot off the ground.

  3. Replica Designer Handbags says:

    Aren’t we like those fish? They were scurrying around, somewhat aimlessly. As they did so in the water, the people mirrored their toil as they stepped from place to place, looking for whatever people look for.

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