He Has Filled Them


I played the piano for someone today who was visiting our home. It was not a point of any concern or embarrassment because I have been playing a keyboard instrument since I was about 6 years old. It comes very natural to me.

Do other people play the piano with more expertise than I? Yes—-a great, great many. That doesn’t matter. Did I have to practice in order to perform the pieces I know? Yes. Did God give me this ability? Yes. Does He want me to use it for Him, at whatever level I possess? Yes.

Without Him, I would be nothing. He chose to give me a talent that I could choose to develop. It all started with Him. I really do want the music that flows from the piano to be a testament of the goodness of God’s gifts.

What about some other blessings from God? I love photography. I love to write. I love to give gifts and watch someone smile in delight. Why? I think God put those desires into my heart.

There is an African welcome song titled, "Funga Alafia." Interpreted, the lyrics state,

"With my thoughts, I welcome you.

With my words, I welcome you.

With my heart, I welcome you.

See, I have nothing up my sleeve."

If I were to apply what God has given me to the intent of this song, it might go something like this:

"God, with my music, I want to honor You.

With my words, I want to honor You.

With my photography, I want to honor You.

See, I am using what you have given me for Your glory."


This is what I strive for. Each day brings a choice to use what God has given me the in a way that would be pleasing to Him.

I want to make the right choices, every time.



0 comments on “He Has Filled Them

  1. luvmy4sons says:

    Me too but I am learning over and over that so much is learned when I make the wrong choices and that even in those God is there! Blessings!

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