He Must


There are many passages in Old Testament scripture where instructions were given to bring offerings and sacrifices to the Lord. Often, this doesn’t come to my mind, since this is not a requirement of God any longer.

Jesus paid the price for all our sin; we need only to recognize our need, ask for forgiveness and believe. But what if you or I were living in those ancient times? What would it have been like?

Today, I had a interesting encounter with a pigeon. He walked, I walked. He went one way, so did I. It was an enjoyable time for me to photograph this bird so closely. That is likely to be the only type of encounter I will ever have with a pigeon. I simply admire them for what they are—beautiful birds.  I will never search for one in order to take it to a priest. I will never have to look upon any animal as an atonement of any kind because of what Jesus did for me—and for you.

Thank You, Jesus, for dying on the cross to pay the penalty for my sin.




0 comments on “He Must

  1. luvmy4sons says:

    Oh glad that Christ died once for all! I love his red feet!

  2. Replica Designer Handbags says:

    After the initial surprise and realization of what was happening, I slowly rose to my feet and stepped to the sidewalk. The snake proceeded to slither right under the bench

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