I hadn’t really planned to visit the hospital today.

Plans do change, however, and I found myself sitting with our son in the emergency room. After five hours had passed, we were allowed to go home.

Home. What a wonderful place it can be at times. Times like leaving a hospital and yearning for the comfort and familiarity of your own bed.

Just as we were leaving this afternoon to take our son to the hospital, I quickly picked up a gift I had been given only yesterday. It was a New Testament with writings of Max Lucado on John 3:16. As we waited in the sterile surroundings of the ward, I read each contemplation by Mr. Lucado. I also began reading from Hebrews. Much of what I read comforted me as God’s great love for mankind was discussed within the pages.

Even in the unknown "desert" atmosphere of medical facility, God is there.

He comforts.

He assures.

He abides.


0 comments on “Desert

  1. Jim Swindle says:

    May the Lord protect your son and continue to guide both of you.

  2. Designer Handbags says:

    Within an hour or so, I knew that something was different. Strength was leaving and cold chills began to come over me.

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