All My Fears


As I was reading the text for a group book study I am currently involved in, one statement stood out to me. Simply put, it states, "Stress is another word for fear."  

Really?  It is so common to hear, "I’m just under a lot of stress right now."    "I’m really stressing out."   "The stress of my job is getting to me."  Confessions like these usually bring understanding and acknowledgement, coupled with empathy. We’ve all been there.

Could we truly insert the word "fear" in place of stress and still adequately describe what is going on?

I never hear, "I’m just under a lot of fear right now."  "I’m really afraid."  "The fear of my job is getting to me."   If it’s the same thing, why don’t we hear those words?  Does fear denote weakness in a way that stress seemingly does not? Are we less than perfect if we fear? Are we merely human if we are stressed?

In every case, God has not left us alone. We may bring our stress or fear to Him at any moment. He is ready to help us through it, delivering us from it’s grasp.



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    We gain the possession of life everlasting in exchange for His payment on the cross.

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