An Easy Thing


When God is at work in our lives, He may choose to act in ways that are not commonplace. In fact, He may choose to act in miraculous ways—ways that we might not think of.

In reading the story from II Kings, chapter 3 in the Bible, God is saying that there will be water for the people and the animals to drink. When water is needed, the "natural" remedy is rainfall. God says that they will "see neither wind nor rain."  He goes on to say that this is an easy thing for Him. He tells the people to dig ditches. This would’ve  been in preparation for God’s promised provision.

There are times that we find ourselves doubting God. We may feel that He wants us to do something before we feel we are properly prepared to do so. What if He asks us to dig the ditch even when He says that we will see no rain? Can we trust that the water will come in a supernatural way, only possible with God?

What is impossible with man is an "easy thing in the eyes of the LORD."



0 comments on “An Easy Thing

  1. luvmy4sons says:

    Trust and obey…for there is no other way. Nothing is too difficult forHhim. Lovely picture!

  2. Handbags Australia says:

    God not only cares for us, but He provides for the creatures He placed on the earth.

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