I Remember Your Name



Do you ever lay in bed at night just thinking about the events of the day?

Many years ago, I attended a conference retreat. The speaker asked, "Don’t your problems get bigger at night?" I think we all understood. When we are all alone, surrounded by darkness and quiet, our minds can tend to drift toward every worry and concern. The tasks of the day that temporarily removed our fears from the forefront of our consciousness have all been completed. The thoughts that weigh us down float freely to the surface and demand immediate attention.

What if? Why? When?   Questions form within us and bounce from one idea to another. If sleep prevails upon our busy minds, the concerns may often follow us into our dreams.

What should we do when we find ourselves awake and worrying?

God is with us, so we truly are not alone. We can begin to ask Him to remove the fears from our thoughts. As we pray, we can begin to focus on Him and His wisdom and care. But what if we are so disturbed over a matter that it seems too hard to pray? Simply saying, "Jesus" is a powerful prayer. At the Name of Jesus every knee will one day bow. There is strength in the Name of Jesus.

When you are troubled, remember His Name.

You are not alone.




0 comments on “I Remember Your Name

  1. Jim Swindle says:

    As usual, wise words and a beautiful photo.

  2. In His Glorious Name Ministries says:

    Great post and pic…

  3. Handbags Australia says:

    God not only cares for us, but He provides for the creatures He placed on the earth.

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