I Was There

What is wisdom?

What is it’s opposite?

One might say "foolishness."

Surely, everyone wants to be wise, or at the very least, not to be thought of as a fool.

So, then, where is wisdom found? How can it be gained?

As I walked along the red sand beach, I was both surprised and pleased at the color of the tiny grains under my feet. I had not been to that particular spot on the Atlantic coast before; I didn’t know about the red sand. It was another gift from God that I was unaware of—until that day.

The ocean testifies to me of the awesome power of God. It’s vastness stretches out before me in a fantastic display of constantly moving grandeur. It is truly one of my most favorite places to be. God’s great wisdom is proclaimed with the crashing of each individual wave; it is proclaimed once more as the water recedes back to its ordained place.

God’s wisdom existed before creation. It is still in place today. God has not changed.

Should we ask God for wisdom? For discernment?

In Him, we have an eternal resource of guidance, protecting us and lighting our way.





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