Compassion. It’s a good thing.

It was early this morning not long after I had arrived at work. Someone had noticed a baby blue jay, sitting on on the sidewalk in front of a building. He would sit for a while, walk a little and fly a little. At one point, he decided to fly–straight into a metal pole supporting a walkway. Seemingly uninjured, he chose to sit in the grass. Everyone who noticed him was very concerned for his safety.

Time passed. Later in the morning, one of my coworkers came into my room asking for a towel. He had seen the bird and wanted to wrap it in a towel and take it to an area with a small tree. He carefully carried the frightened creature to a new destination.

More time passed.  A little later in the morning, I stepped outside to find the baby blue jay being held by another coworker. She was trying to find exactly where the young bird’s home was, noticing that no parent birds seemed to be nearby. People were standing around, contemplating what to do next for our little friend.

It was significant to me to see the care and concern—the compassion–-that so many were displaying for this helpless life. It seems that almost everyone felt the urgency to rescue this tiny life in need. I heard no complaints about taking time out of their busy schedules; each person was genuinely concerned and willing to contribute to the cause.

I think we’re a lot like that baby bird. Sometimes we wander too far from the safety of the nest. One poor decision and suddenly, we don’t know how to get back to where we belong. We sit still and afraid to move on our own for awhile. We may try to fly to safety, but along the way, if we’re not careful, we hit a post head on. Chirping softly, in a voice that most others never notice, we sit confused and stunned, off in a corner, displaced and alone.

It is significant to realize the care and concern—the compassion–-of our Heavenly Father. He gently wraps us spiritually in His arms and carries us back to the place we belong. He knows the urgency of our failures; He is ready to rescue us in our time of need. He doesn’t complain about the time involved. He is genuinely concerned and willing to answer us when we call. Even the tiniest of chirps is heard by His ever-attentive ears.

Compassion. It’s a VERY good thing….





0 comments on “Compassionate

  1. luvmy4sons says:

    A beautiful story to illustrate God’s care of us. Thank you!

  2. Bags Online says:

    Think of something that you might need to ask the Lord for. Now that you have that in your mind, think about the circumstance that might be present concerning that request.

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