How Long Will Your Journey Take?

If God were to give you a special gift, wouldn’t you think it would be the very best? Wouldn’t it be just exactly the color you wanted, just the kind you’d always hoped for, made from the finest materials? Because He knows you better than you know yourself, He wouldn’t even have to ask you what you wanted.

Many times, God loves us through other people. He places us on someone’s heart and through their obedience to His leading, they show that love in a very special way.

Because of such love as this, my husband and I, along with our son, enjoyed a rare priviledge. I had never ridden on a train before, but I had wanted to for several years. A dear friend purchased tickets for us to take a trip on a local dinner train. As we entered the railway station, the attendant gave us our boarding passes.

Now, if I could have known that there was the possibility of sitting with just a few people in a glass domed upper section of the dining car, instead of on the main level, I might’ve asked to be there. If I could have known that there were only two tables at the back edge where passengers could look completely down the track at the train cars AND around both sides of the train…..well, I might have asked for that, too. Seeing that I love to photograph the events of my life, that would have been perfect. Of course, I wasn’t even aware of these possibilities.

God, however, WAS aware.

We pick up our story where the attendant was handing us our boarding passes. He informed us of our placement. We were to be on the domed section—D 1.

As we climbed the stairs up to the glassed in area, a server was standing at the very back by a table, waiting on us.

D1? That’s us! As I took my seat in just about the best place on the entire train, God was watching. I can’t help thinking that He was happy that I was happy. He knew just the spot that I would enjoy the most. It was His to give, working it all out in His sovereign way. Of course, our friend had purchased the tickets. She did so out of kindness and love—love that came from God.

It was a peacful, lovely journey through farmlands, water canals and city streets.

In the Bible, in the book of Nehemiah, we are told of Nehemiah’s desire to leave his post as cup bearer to the king and return to his homeland to rebuild the city walls. God heard his prayers concerning the matter. When Nehemiah expressed his wish to make the journey home, the king’s heart had been prepared by God to grant his request. He simply asked, "How long will your journey take and when will you get back?" God gave Nehemiah just exactly what he needed and desired.

As we live our lives in this constant journey of growing faith, only God knows how long it will take or when we will get back home to Heaven. Until that time, He will surely keep on loving us through other people, one smile, one hug—- one "train ticket" at a time.




0 comments on “How Long Will Your Journey Take?

  1. luvmy4sons says:

    Oh the journey of life can be a long one but so comforting that God is there providing our needs all the way!

  2. Bags Online says:

    Think of something that you might need to ask the Lord for. Now that you have that in your mind, think about the circumstance that might be present concerning that request.

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