There is No Other

It was such a breezy evening. The boardwalk was dotted with people here and there. A young man with a fishing pole headed for the water. The rhythm from a lakeside pavillion revealed two senior citizens playing djembe-like drums. The beating sounds gently flowed through the air, mixing with the visual scene to create a feeling of peaceful ambience. The setting sun created a backdrop above the water as the colors in the sky silently changed from one hue to the next. As the sun was falling deeply into the horizon, I photographed it’s descent.

God continually blesses everyone–whether they acknowledge Him or not—with beauty to behold. The peacefulness of a calm and gentle windswept evening by the water was a gift; one that was meant for me to enjoy.




0 comments on “There is No Other

  1. luvmy4sons says:

    Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Words and picture!

  2. Bags Online says:

    Think of something that you might need to ask the Lord for. Now that you have that in your mind, think about the circumstance that might be present concerning that request.

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