Therefore Encourage

Everyone is different. Everyone has their own specific place that they happen to be occupying in life, and a story behind how they got to that point. There is no conceiveable way to know the individual stories of all the people we encounter. Because of our lack of information, it might be best to encourage and uplift those that we meet on our spiritual journey.

Sometimes, reaching out to another can be somewhat unsettling. "What if I offend them by trying to be a friend right now?"  Doubt creeps in and, if we’re not careful, it will steal our good intentions away and deposit them in oblivion.

It is true that there are those of us who are more open to encouraging words and actions. Others are frightened and closed so that even words of affirmation are shut out. Given time and prayer, closed hearts can begin to open and acceptance begins to take place.

Whatever stage you might be in personally, is there someone in your scope of influence that needs an encouraging word today?

Trust God to deliver your words to their heart, whether it is completely closed, partially open or in full bloom.

Go ahead.   Be the encourager. Build someone up—-today.




0 comments on “Therefore Encourage

  1. luvmy4sons says:

    It is so true. We must remember that we have no idea where people are and how they got there…mercy, kindness, compassion-encouragement!

  2. Replica Watches says:

    I’ve been praying about something. That’s not unusual. Many people pray. For me, though, this is special. I have been praying about a matter for about 15 months now.

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