My husband and I are in a small group that is studying the book, "The Genesis Process." In the reading I did yesterday in the worktext, there was a quote from Rick Warren: "Change comes from taking risks, and the greatest risk is to be honest with yourself and others."


Honest with myself? Others? What others?

If being honest with myself is risky, what’s the risk? Will I stop kidding myself about some important things I’m avoiding? If I’m honest with other people, will I make them angry or hurt their feelings? Mr. Warren penned a tough statement, didn’t he?

Currently, I am working on realizing the truth and owning it. Carefully, I have approached being honest with others about my struggles. It is freeing when I know that my imperfections are being accepted and I am still counted as a friend. Is it easy to open up and say what is true? I think for most people it is not.

The Bible tells us to use honest scales and honest weights. While I would hope to never cheat anyone by using dishonest weights, what am I doing when I am not speaking the truth in love and instead remaining silent?

When I consider myself, are my weights and scales accurately set?



0 comments on “Honest

  1. Nancy says:

    Very convicting post, thanks

  2. luvmy4sons says:

    It can be a very scary place…self examination…but Jesus has made us white as snow and He is faithful to finish the good work He began. I find honesty freeing…humbling…painful at times…but freeing. Good stuff to think on!

  3. Replica Watches says:

    I’ve been praying about something. That’s not unusual. Many people pray. For me, though, this is special. I have been praying about a matter for about 15 months now.

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