Break Down Their Wall

If you were to ask me to name someone that I admired in the Bible, Nehemiah would be on the list. Even through trials and insults, threats and deceptions, he stood firm on his faith and trust in the Lord.

One such incident of discouraging words was when Nehemiah and the Jewish people were working to rebuild the walls around Jerusalem. A particular scoffer uttered the words, "What they are building—if even a fox climbed up on it, he would break down their wall of stones!"

Even in the face of dissension, Nehemiah continued on with the work that God had placed on his heart. When darts of contention were hurled, he raised his shield of faith in prayer.

Have you ever been intent on doing just what you knew God wanted you to do, only to find a voice of discouragement and ridicule rising up to halt your efforts? Recognize them for what they are, spend time in prayer and raise your shield of faith. God is with you.




0 comments on “Break Down Their Wall

  1. Meme AKA Oma says:

    such good words- when papa hubby was so sick last year and I wanted to bring him home and they said that I could not do it but I had too because I had made a promise and I knew that God was with me in that promise- I got to keep him home for 4 months and 7 days – due to manna strength from God- hugs from Meme who knows that if God is in the promise then the promise can be kept-

  2. luvmy4sons says:

    It is not always easy to do…recognize the enemy. Self doubt creeps in. Nehemiah is a great example to follow!

  3. Replica Watches says:

    The love of friends is like that—once it is given, it sets in and grows, blooming strength and encouragement season after season.

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